At The Suburban Bourbon, we are committed to reducing our impact on our environment.  We are working on several sustainabilty projects and continue to learn about more ways to lessen our impact on the planet.


Our restaurant and banquet hall uses all LED lighting.  In our kitchen, we have installed T8 fixtures that use substantially less electricity that their counterparts.  We're looking at upgrading the few remaining fixtures to LED's in the near future.

We are also exploring solar options for our outside light fixtures.  Solar has finally gotten to where it is affordable and bright enough to be feasible.  If you have any solar power suggestions, we'd love to hear from you!


As we burn through our stock of disposable products we are replacing them with more Earth-friendly alternatives.

Currenty, we use compostable glasses as kid's cups and for special event cups.  In addition, our disposable flatware is compostable.  Our large and small to-go containers are made of post-consumer materials and are recyclable.  Our bags for carry outs are compostable.  We'll be adding more as our current stock runs out.


We're pretty hardcore recyclers.  Currently, we recycle plastic, cardboard, paper, glass, and metal.  We make regular runs to the scrapyard to recycle any old building materials we may have from our remodeling.


We are composting a good portion of our food waste in our on-site composting bins..  


We try to use organic ingredients whenever they are available and affordable.  Currently, our organic list includes:

Organic tofu -- Organic radish sprouts -- Organic beets -- Organic spring mix -- Organic whole milk (for cooking) -- Organic carrots- Organic root vegetables. 

Farm to table

When available, we buy local.  Here are some of our recent purchases from our neighbors:

Radish Sprouts -- Honey -- Basil - Zuchinni -- Green Onions -- Apple Cider -- Tomatoes -- Kale -- Green Peppers -- Spanish Onions -- Butternut Squash -- Tomatoes  -- Apples 

Hugelkultur Garden

We're in the process of building a hugelkultur garden so we can grow our own vegetables.  Check our these premaculture gardens here.


Please check back soon as we will be sharing more of our thoughts and actions here in the near future.