March 26, 2020

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Pete Karas, pete@thesuburbanbourbon.com


The Suburban Bourbon Announces #MusicianRelief Program

Advance ticket sales to provide cash to musicians now.

The Suburban Bourbon is pleased to announce the #MusicianRelief Program.

These are trying times we are experiencing and the financial toll continues to rise, not only for venues such as ours, but especially for the dedicated musicians that have made The Suburban Bourbon the successful venue that it has become.  We have partnered with our musicians, and with your help we can lessen the burdens we all face.

Simply put, we have selected shows scheduled for August through December where folks purchase tickets to those shows, we will pay the musicians and bands for those shows now, when they need the cash flow the most.

We ask that folks consider purchasing tickets to these shows.  Many of our musicians are self-employed and while their bills for rent, etc. continue, their income has stopped as all shows have been cancelled.  They need the money now to live their daily lives and by purchasing tickets, you can help them survive this devastating time.

Please visit our events page at www.TheSuburbaBourbon.com for a list of shows where you can support the musicians and live music.

Since we are paying the musicians and bands in advance, there will be no refunds in the case of an event cancellation.  In the event the show can't happen on the date scheduled, we will make every effort to reschedule the show.

We thank the Muskego community and the Milwaukee area for the continued support of The Suburban Bourbon and in advance for your support in providing financial relief to these deserving musicians.