Wednesday, December 18, 2019

We're excited to announce some changes at The Suburban Bourbon effective immediately.  The  large demand for banquet space (We have hosted 87 banquets and events the last three months) has led us to make some changes in our continuing operations.

Going forward, our main focus will be banquets, weddings, private parties, special events and music shows.  Therefore, starting today, we will no longer have regular restaurant hours where we are open to the public.  Our restaurant area will still be open for special food, bourbon, and craft beer events on selected days.  Our restaurant area now has more availability for you to book your private parties which we are happy to cater for you.  If you'd like to use the restaurant area for your private events, please give us a call at 262-682-4406.

We are also happy to announce that we will be expanding our very popular music shows and tribute artists in 2020.  In addition to our current shows, we will be expanding to more Friday and weekday performances and bringing a more varied group of performers.  We tend to draw between 100 and 250 guests to our music shows and our patrons have asked us to expand the selection and dates noting that we bring high quality entertainment to the Western suburbs at an affordable price.  We will continue to offer high-quality food choices to our guests at the music events.

We encourage you to continue to visit us both on Facebook and at our website for all the information on our events and hours.  If you are interested in allowing us to host your banquet, private party, or meeting, please do not hesitate to contact us at 262-682-4406.

We are grateful to our friends who made our restaurant a success over the six years we have been serving Muskego.  Many of our popular menu items will be available both at our restaurant events and our music shows.  We hope you will continue to enjoy our fine selection of food at these events.  We will miss seeing you as often as we do while valuing your continued support.

One last item of note:  If you have Suburban Bourbon gift cards, rest assured they will be honored for any of our events, both public and private.

Warm regards,

All of us at The Suburban Bourbon